I’ve been fiddling around with the memoir I started to write some time ago. I figured now I have lots more time on my hands would be a good time to get it done finally. As a practice, this is a small piece called A Christmas Memoir that gives a bit of a flavour of … More Memoir

Chemotherapy day 3

On Wednesday I went for my first Chemo session, a bit apprehensive because it’s unknown territory and you hear all sorts of negative things from people who either had chemo or know someone who has! IT’s made more tricky right now because of Covid-19 and I had to go alone, ring a bell to get … More Chemotherapy day 3


Well, the wobble in emotions I’ve been experiencing is now explained. The meds I am on following my breast cancer have been causing it! I read up on the side effects of Letrozole and they include, depression (or mood changes), alteration of apetite, headaches – all of which I have experienced lately. It actually makes … More Progress

New friends

This week we got two new pals in the house. I’m not going to pretend that it’s been easy as it hasn’t! But we will persevere as they have had such a bad start an deserve better. The two new additions are now called Henry and May, they are both Staffordshire Bull Terriers, small ones, … More New friends

2020 so far

  I haven’t posted a blog update in a while. I guess there has been little for me to spout about lately and my writing skills aren’t brilliant at the best of times. I seem to have been much more creative in my darker times and several years ago during a period of depression I … More 2020 so far

Kidney update

Still waiting for my treatment, but at least I know what’s going to happen. I will be having my kidney removed on 16th August in Newcastle. Apparently there is a 90+% likelihood that it will be a cancer of the kidney, but I won’t know for definite until after the operation, when the kidney will … More Kidney update


In my last blog post I mentioned that I had a suspected RCC.  That is still the case, but what is making me think a lot is the amount of time that people have to wait from first finding something like this to getting any kind of treatment.  I do finally have an appointment for … More Waiting