The sun is shining

After a few cold days, the sun is back. I have mixed feelings about that as I won’t be going out after tomorrow for the next four months. When I say that of course I can go out into the garden and get a bit of sun, but not out for walks or anywhere except hospital. It’s the start of my chemotherapy treatment tomorrow. I’m not feeling too bad about it, although I am a little more anxious than I thought I’d be. MY scientific brain likes to be in control of everything I do, so this is way out of my comfort zone as I have no idea how I will react to the chemo. Will my hair fall out right away? Will I be sick or just a bit nauseous? Will I get any of the other side effects that I have read about? It’s all unknown and that’s the issue I guess. To add to the anxiety of course is the Covid-19 worry, which is the reason I can’t go out.

I’m feeling quite OK today, apart from some mouth ulcers that I believe are a side effect of the other medication I’ve been on – the Letrozole. I stop taking that while I am on chemo, but apparently mouth ulcers can also be an effect of chemo, so they may just continue. I’ve kept busy this week, with society business and art. Tonight there is an online art class and paint-along about Mark Rothco, so that will be intresting! IT’s about to start so I’d better get logged in….

Will update this on the progress of the chemo at a later date I hope.

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