And time passes

My new countryside

It’s been about 18 months since my last post, my how time flies! In that time, I’ve moved house, returned to the office and life has started to return to something like it was pre-pandemic. I like my new house, it’s a brand new build, or it was when I moved in. Yes, there are teething issues with t new build but compared to the massive tasks that needed doing to the old house, it’s no comparison. I love how everything is brand new, clean and fresh. There’s no dust! In my old house, I could do the dusting, turn around and a layer was back on every surface – I guess the age of the place and the old sooty fireplace contributed to that. But here, I hardly need to dust at all, certainly not every day, nor even every week!

We’ve done a few things to the house all the same, like install a fire (a real flame electric one!) build a shed and have the garden landscaped. tomorrow the loft is being boarded out, to help with storage – that’s one thing that’s always lacking in a new house I think. all in all I love it, I have my own private parking off-road, lovely neighbours who actually live here, rather than empty holiday homes and just a great sense of peace!

I’m still working kind of full time, though I have reduced to four days a week, plus I still do a day a week from home. One thing we all learned during Covid is that working from home is easier than we thought. I have a small office at home, in the 4th bedroom, It would be too tiny for a bedroom really, but it’s perfect for an office.

So we are gradually getting back to ‘normal’ whatever that means now. for me, it’s getting out and about a bit more – I’ve had a couple of trips to London and started to feel more like the old me again. still not planning any trips abroad – it’s still a bit uncertain regarding slights and the status of other countries. But just as we feel there may be some normality returning Russia decided to invade Ukraine. How unsettling and upsetting is that? Having spent a lovely holiday in Kyiv at the end of 2019, I feel extra upset that their lovely city and country are being destroyed and so many people a being made homeless and vulnerable.

Why is it that these despots feel the need to fight and invade other nations? It’s little man syndrome I reckon. I also had a lovely holiday in Russia and the people there were just as friendly to us as the people of Ukraine – it is such a crime that those in power can cause such devastation. I hope for a good outcome, but I’m not confident.

Health wise I am feeling OK now. I still get regular scans of course and sometimes something is spotted that’s a bit of a concern, but then the next scan shows it’s gone again – I suppose that it’s better being over cautious than not looking at all. I am trying to build my fitness back up again – I’ve lost 9 lb since the end of January and am getting into the diet now, so hope to carry on until I’m back to a healthy weight again. I’m walking every day again too, though that is the one thing I miss since I’ve moved house – the countryside. don’t get me wrong, there is pretty countryside here where I live now, but it’s not the Lake District and I can’t just walk around Derwentwater from my front door. It’s all about compromise and the things I’ve gained mean I’ve lost other things. But I can always hop in the car to the Lakes, take a walk and get properly parked when I get home!

Spring is coming – I can smell it some days, though it’s still cold. but the sun has been shining this week, the bulbs are flowering and the birds are starting to sing – my favourite time of year and I will make the most of it.

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