Goodbye 2022

Well, 2022 did not end in quite the way I’d thought it would. Overall, it’s been an up and down year, started off OK but then I lost a couple of people who were dear to me. My cousin Marion first, which was a huge shock, then in September an even bigger shock, from nowhere came the sudden death of my friend Jason. He was only 51 – in fact he died the day after his 51st birthday from a blood clot. He had only been to see me in august, staying at my house for a few days with his dogs, so to hear the news that he’s died was an immense shock. I travelled down to Herts for the funeral in November and I miss him very much. He always had the ability to make me laugh with his wicked and sometimes quite rude sense of humour. I’ll definitely miss him and his dogs, but htey have both gone to good homes.

A week before Christmas was my third shock of the year. I went and had a heart attack. With chest, jaw and shoulder pains not going away, I knew it was more than indigestion, so we dialled 999 and the ambulance arrived, deduced it was a heart attack and blue-lighted me to hospital in Carlisle. On arrival I went to PCI and had two stents inserted into my artery, which was blocked.

the other arteries are fine apparently (phew!). The angioplasty was successful – I am amazed how they could do all that in my artery while I was awake and there is only a tiny little scar on my wrist. A few days in coronary care hooked up to monitors etc and then home again in time for Christmas. I can’t praise the NHS enough. The ambulance was here in 20 minutes and within 3-4 hours I was sorted and on a ward having a cup of tea. Wonderful nurses, doctors and paramedics. WE just cannot lose our NHS – the government need to get a grip and sort it all out, pay them properly and make sure this wonderful service carries on for future generations.

Anyway, they tell me they expect me to make a full recovery, though for the first few weeks I need to be a bit careful and let my heart recover from the shock it had. It wasn’t the only one! It’s knocked me sideways a bit, but there are some good people to talk to in cardiac care who are very reassuring about recovery. apparently, it’s normal to feel a bit down after a heart attack, so I’m sure I will bounce back. I think that coming on top of the kidney cancer and the breast cancer, it’s just a bit much.

First thing I did on returning home was to put away all the biscuits and chocolates I’d been given (and some I bought) for Christmas. My diet has changed completely in the last couple of weeks – healthy food only and I’ve already lost a few pounds. My exercise regime is increasing week on week and I will soon be able to do longer walks to improve my fitness. The chocs are going to the foodbank or to the nurses who looked after me!

I am lucky to be here aren’t I? Let’s see if I can take the right actions to ensure I stay around a bit longer.

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