Mind boggled

Was going to do a blog post tonight, but my brain is well and truly boggled!
I’ve spent all day trying to make sense of ISO14001 environmental management systems.


That standard isn’t half woolly. I’m trying to interpret it and put in procedures that cover the standard. Probably getting there now, but I wish I could get my hands on the people who wrote the flipping thing.

Unfortunately, when thinking about my blog and what to write, all that would pop into my mind were environmental aspects and impacts and ways to calculate the risks for every aspect….

Oh crap! Time for beddy byes I think….
Got a book to finish that might help me get air pollution and waste out of my tiny brain 🙂

Ps. Gave up on fifty shades. It was rubbish. I think even I could write better than that. So the book I’m finishing is a slightly better written one.

2 thoughts on “Mind boggled

  1. …….and when that woolly standard is filtered through an equally woolly “quality department”, who are so woolly that they don't even realise that Isoclene is just a trade name for Isopropyl Alcohol, and write full treatises for the care of each, you can start to understand the frustration, and almost sheer terror of us end users who put their life into the hands of such incompetents. I feel confident that you will make a far better job of it than those who I have to suffer.

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