Been an odd day today. This morning we had a very long meeting about the demise of our final salary pension scheme, which seemed to result in a lot of peed off people. I am taking it quite calmly it seems, maybe because I wasn’t surprised at the news that the pension was going. Its happening in most private sector companies, so it was only a matter of time.

What I was surprised at; nay shocked; was the attitude of some of my colleagues after we learned about the savings plan that will replace the old scheme. Of course, for those of us that were in the final salary scheme, the new one isn’t so good. But the company has improved the savings plan and upped their contribution, added a few sweeteners, etc. so the people who were already in the savings plan are getting a better pension deal.

What shocked me was the selfishness that emerged from a lot of people who complained bitterly that the existing savings members shouldn’t be getting an improved plan. They wanted the extra money paid into a separate, better plan just for themselves!

Wow….. No wonder the world is a selfish place. I’m all right, jack. Bugger the others.
Maybe I’m a dinosaur, but I still like fairness…..

After the long meeting, I had to try and get back into the ISO procedures. I wasn’t entirely successful in that as I was pension addled. So I gave up and did some practical stuff instead.

This evening took a turn for the better as I headed off to Penrith to a jazz singing session with Jilly Jarman. She runs a fab session, where we all get to sing, improvise individually. This week, even better – she had with her a girl with a double bass, who was superb. We all got the chance to sing, with mikes, on our own with piano, bass and guitar. Really enjoyed it. Nice…..

I nicked the nice from a friend who said it earlier, reminding me of those sketches on the fast show with John thomson.

A thoroughly good evening, with a carful of good company to travel to and from Penrith.

Tomorrow, back to the procedures! Hey, ho. šŸ™‚

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