gossip and talk

Today I am still reflecting on self respect, but in a different way. Now it’s all about where I draw the line between being a good listener and condoning bitching about other people. Can I be a listening ear to people who just want to complain about their colleagues? I admit I am finding it … More gossip and talk

Self respect?

Funny thing self respect. I’m not at all sure I’ve ever possessed any. But it’s only now I’ve realised that, or at least it’s only now that a sequence of events has made me think about it. I tried to rescue the last vestiges of my self respect yesterday, but I don’t think I succeeded. … More Self respect?


Sketch of the day didn’t last long. I’m such a fickle artist.. it’s been an odd sort of week too. I’ve had my ISO audit , which went ok I guess. He found a couple of minor things. I’d not updated the environmental permitting regulations. Not exactly the end of the world. im still eating … More Today

Do it all again

Do you ever feel like you’d like to start your life over again and do things differently?  If I could have another go, I would do it all very differently. the benefit of hindsight, age and wisdom would have driven a very different road to the one I’m on, but of course without those things … More Do it all again

Angry bird

I don’t often get angry. anger is a waste of time, energy and effort. when I was young I spent a lot of time being angry. Inwardly, anyway.  I never expressed it much outwardly, so it was bottled up so tightly that it turned back in on Me.  That was so pointless and self destructive … More Angry bird

Weds 9th October

Today I’m posting two sketches, as I didn’t get one done yesterday. I had a blinding headache yesterday and struggled to fight it off all day. In the morning it was horrendous, but had lifted enough late in the day for me to go to Nottingham to wrap up the exhibition. here is yesterdays and … More Weds 9th October

Sunday 6th October

Here is today’s sketch of the day… Nothing much else to add to the blog today. Went for a walk, did some more decorating, cleaned and tidied up, hoovered and did the ironing. Then I read a book for a bit, while chomping on the goodies from friars that I picked up yesterday.  Did the … More Sunday 6th October