Another 16 weeks in lockdown

Been a bit of a strange couple of weeks. I guess the biggest news is that I need to start a course of Chemotherapy as a follow up to the cancer surgery. My score came back as 28 and if it’s above 26, then chemo is recommended as a prevention for future. HOwever, this is also complicated by the Covid-19 epidemic. The oncologist said that he would normally jut say that I should definitely proceed with the chemo, but in the current situation if I caught Covid, it would most likely be fatal with the lack of immunity I would have after chemo. So it was my own choice.

I decided to go with the chemotherapy. After all, if I don’t have it, chance are the cancer will return and I’ll be a goner anyway, so it’s a no brainer really. The condition is that I stay shielded for 16 weeks – no going out at all except to the hospital for the chemo treatments. There are 4 lots of treatment at three week intervals, so 12 weeks of treatment, then another 4 weeks to build up some immunity again before I can go out. Although I am staying quite positive generally, I’m not looking forward to it. Hair loss is inevitable (though that will solve the problem of all the hair salons being closed!), but who knows what other side effects I may get? Sickness being the one I dread the most – I hate feeling nauseous! But I guess what worries me the most is the unknown – my scientific brain likes to know everything about what I am going to be subjecting myself to and there are just too many unknowns with this one! I just have to put my faith in the lovely nurses and doctors and hope that I come out the other side.

The other news that is not so good is that the dogs are having to go away. they are such little seeties, but are just too much for us, especially with the chemo coming up. They were far less trained than everyone thought they would be and they are so strong on leads that we can’t control them well enough. The training we have been trying to co is difficult at the best of times, but I won’t be able to carry it on if I am ill. So they are going to stay with a dog psychologist for a while to be retrained and if all goes well, they may come back to us after this is all over. I do hope they will be OK – at present we ar not the best place for them to be and they are not learning anything.

Meanwhile I have a few days when I can get outside briefly, so I will make the most of that. THe isolation will be OK – I am very self sufficient and have lots of hobbies I can get on with if I feel OK.  Plus I have lots of lovely friends who have been  such a great support and are just at the end of a phone.

Taking each day as it comes…

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