Well, the wobble in emotions I’ve been experiencing is now explained. The meds I am on following my breast cancer have been causing it! I read up on the side effects of Letrozole and they include, depression (or mood changes), alteration of apetite, headaches – all of which I have experienced lately. It actually makes me feel better knowing that my low mood has a chemical explanation and I’m not just sinking into an abyss like before. Knowing that, I can focus my mind and do stuff to keep positive.

Having said that, Henry and May have been quite a trial since they arrived. A long stint inkeneels plus whatever horrible life they had before that has not equipped them well to cope in a normal environment. It’s going to be tricky to transform them into well adjusted dogs, but we’ve had good tips from a dog psychologist. she says that first and foremost, they need to feel safe and that we are in control, therefore taking all responsibility from their little shoulders. This involves being firm with boundaries and behaviour, so no sitting on the sofa, no sleeping upstairs, no jumping up and no lap sitting. Apparently allowing them to cuddle up on our laps is affirming their anxieties and if they are to get rid of those anxieties, they must start to learn their place and that we will protect them – We need to give them the impression that all is well and there is nothing to be anxious about.  We are all doing OK with this so far, but it’s difficult when you look at their anxious little faces, wanting a cuddle and we are telling them no.

It is working though, very slowly. Henry is getting it quicker and he is asking to go out when he needs to now. May is still not performing outside at all however long I stay out with her. She is just too bewildered by the big outdoors and wants to explore everything constantly. We can be patient. Next week, we’ve booked a session at the Hounds Hotel, a local boarding kennel – they have a fully enclosed paddock that we can allow the dogs to run around in – it will get rid of some pent up energy hopefully.

They are such sweet dogs and I really hope we can help them adjust to life in a home – whether we keep them or pass them on to someone else it would be nice to help get them sorted out.

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