Sketch of the day didn’t last long. I’m such a fickle artist..

it’s been an odd sort of week too. I’ve had my ISO audit , which went ok I guess. He found a couple of minor things. I’d not updated the environmental permitting regulations. Not exactly the end of the world.

im still eating far too much. Must stop!

the cp society is active this week and I’ve had problems with some of the people, which I can’t go into in case they see this. But it’s been hard work trying to sort it all out.

I’ve set up interviews for next week to see if I can find a graduate chemist. Im interviewing three candidates, one with a BSc and two girls with masters. Apparently, they are easier to get nowadays,

My general life has pretty much gone back to what it was like before. By before, I mean before I turned 50, at which time everything was wonderful for a year or so. The three years following that were bleak and dark, but now I guess I am on a par with before.

That’s neither good nor bad, it just is. It means

my life goes on, day by day, I organise things at work, manage the people and the processes, make new products, go to choir, the theatre, etc. I exist ok.

the Shakespeare group has just been accepted for a project funded by the royal Shakespeare company. We are to go to workshops starting in January and will put on a Shakespeare production next winter. Should be enjoyable.

i sounded a bit negative there. Didn’t mean to really. I’m better off than lots of other people.

i need to start some pictures in earnest as next years exhibition is sooner, so I need to have some finished work by the end of January. Better get cracking this weekend I suppose.

I could really use a hug tonight though…



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