Wishing well

Guess what? It stopped raining today. My drive to work this morning was wet and drizzly, but by the afternoon, the rain actually stopped!

Funny day today; I have been thinking a lot about my cousin, who yesterday had a lung transplant operation. I was very glad to hear this afternoon that he is awake and breathing on his own. I’m so looking forward to being able to go for a walk with him next summer and relieved that the op went well.

I was going to start exercising after work today, but the best laid schemes…
The latest newsletters for the UKCPS arrived and so I spent the evening folding them, putting them into envelopes, labelling and stamping. There are over 550 to do, so I still have some remaining to do tomorrow!

Listened to some nice music while folding though. Po girl, a country, jazz, folk, blue grass mix band. Good.

Not a lot to report today, very quiet and uneventful. So that’s all folks!

I’m off to bed to read me book, The Lake of Dreams.

So night night peeps. Xx

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