Guess what the weather was doing this morning? Correct! It was raining, quite heavily too. Also pretty misty, if not foggy. Couldn’t see Scotland at all today.

Had a relatively stressful day at work, missing lunch time, so was pretty glad to head home in the dark – and it was still raining…

Was very lazy this evening, watched Pointless, which I’d recorded! I really like that show, strangely. But the two hosts are hilarious. Then I read a bit, tidied the house a bit, watched QI on Dave, decided to write this, then will be going to bed.
However, I reckon I need to kick the laziness into touch. Maybe today was because I was tired after a busy weekend, but it’s high time I got back into exercising and eating properly again. I keep saying that, but this time I mean it. I was working with someone at the weekend who was so big that she could barely walk from a taxi to a restaurant without gasping for breath. Frightening.
I need to call a halt before I gain loads of weight again.

The good thing is that I’ve managed to keep the meditation going every day, sometimes I just do five minutes, other days I do much longer. Today I had a particularly good meditation, my mind was clearer than its been for a long time and I felt very grounded and peaceful afterwards!

Back to assumptions. It’s strange how people make assumptions about other people. I guess we all do it, to some degree, but I am always surprised at how people need to categorize others. There’s someone new at work, a very nice person so far, easy to get along with, very open and friendly. I am finding him a refreshing change from some of the other people in the team!
Today, one of those others came into my office and asked my opinion an the new person. I said something along the lines of what I just wrote. Leaning towards me conspiratorially, he whispered, ‘do you think he’s gay?’
Gobsmacked, the only response I could think of was ‘ what difference does that make? He is doing a great job and I personally don’t care whether he is or not. I hadn’t given that a moments thought!’

Which was true.

Apparently, the others have been speculating…
Like they have done about me for the last 25 years! Because I share my house with a female friend, everyone has assumed that I am a lesbian. I know this as I’ve been told by friends about the rumours and speculation. I’ve known for all those years that people think that, but have never challenged anyone as I don’t care what they think! It’s more their problem than mine, as I know what and who I am. And there are many reasons why I have ended up sharing my house with Marion, none of which have anything to do with my sexuality.

There are two ladies living in the next street to us who are also the subject of much speculation, so much so, that they go round telling everyone they are adopted sisters. Isn’t it a shame that people have to do that? Why does it matter to others? Assumptions….

Goodnight my lovelies xx

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