Gingerbread men

No rain this morning, hallelujah! In fact it was quite a nice morning and starting to get light as I approached the A595. A pink sky the only ominous sign of worse weather to come. Driving home again in the dark, it was pretty misty, but still no rain. Warm too, didn’t need any central heating on.

I managed to do my meditation this morning, unusually. It was very late when I got to sleep, around 2 am, but I was quite fresh this morning. I wonder sometimes if I function slightly better on less sleep.

This evening was much more productive too. I finished the newsletters, then cleaned the kitchen thoroughly, scrubbed the floor, did some cross training then baked some gingerbread men.
Still riding the crest of the wave that was great British bake off, I have a copy of Mary Berry’s book, which has some dead scrummy recipes in it! I’ve tried several, which might explain why I’m getting fatter…..
The gingerbread men came out nicely crisp, so I will take some to work for my staff tomorrow for their 10 o’clock break.

I can’t believe it’s actually Friday again tomorrow, where does the time go? It’s been quite a good week for me, the good news being that my cousin is improving well after his lung transplant. There have been a lot of bugs going around everywhere and my pal in London has been having a really bad week health-wise. I realised that I was quite concerned about him after I read how bad he was feeling and I sent him a text to make sure all was ok. I think he’s on the mend now. Then another friend came down with flu and again I was concerned enough to get in touch to find out if he was ok. and today the wife of a friend at work was taken to hospital. He came to work to keep busy, but I sat and talked to him for quite a while and he said it had helped a lot. It’s amazing how good it feels to be able to help by listening. And you know it did me good to realise that I do care about quite a lot of people.

Despite having no close family of my own, there are quite a few friends who mean a lot to me and I don’t like to hear when they are unwell. And it’s also nice to know that people care about me in return. Ok, I don’t get any hugs, but I do get warm greetings and people are always concerned if they think anything wrong! That’s lovely…

Short day tomorrow and another busy weekend ahead. The weather is supposed to be good on Sunday, so I’m planning to finish the weekend on a high note by taking my gorgeous little companion Archie for a long walk….

I’ll report in tomorrow x

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