Hello again

I miss blogging! for certain reasons I had to abandon my other blog and I thought I would just give up on blogging altogether. But I quite enjoy doing it. It’s like I am talking to a friend and even if no-one reads it, it’s quite a relaxing thing to do.

So I’m trying this new platform to see what it can do.

I’m quite tired tonight though so will keep it short. That’s because I had such a full on weekend. As the chairman of the uk coloured pencil society and also this year the organiser of the annual exhibition, I was pretty busy. We stared with a committee meeting, then the AGM, both of which I had to chair. Then a members buffet lunch that I’d had to organise and set up.
Then the judging of all the exhibits, then I had to rush out and buy gifts for the judges and wine etc for the evening. Back in time to set up for the private view, with further buffet and drinks, then presenting the awards, for which I had to the speeches etc….

Flipping eck… Worked harder than when I’m at work! almost!
However, this work I enjoyed and the exhibition is great. Went ok all in all so I was relieved. Think I will get a bit of help next year if I can. Sme hairy moments what with pics from the USA getting stuck in customs until the very last minute, forgetting the certificates and forgetting to announce the new Signature members….


Here are a couple of links to the exhibits. The standard of coloured pencil art is getting better all the time…




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