Why do I never have a camera when I need one?

the last few days we have been blessed with some late summer sun, bright, blue-sky sun, with more warmth in it than you’d expect in October. Yesterday in the yard outside the factotheir stood for a few minutto us unpack a new product from a paljust long enough to feel the heat of the design on my back.

this morning, even better, a cold, but bright morning, not quite daylight, but with that bright kind of sky you know is going to produce a lovely day once more.

Driving along Bass lake, the layer of ethereal mist was there floating above the water, with tiny spirals of steamy water rising up from the misty surface.  The woods at the far side of the lake, shrouded in mist too, but this time layer upon layer as if competing to get to the top of the trees.

Then Past the lake and into the Embleton valley, more mist, on the road this time, interspersed with shards of sunlight. Very William Blake!

then out of the valley approaching the first Cockermouth roundabout, mist disappeared and behind me a golden fabulous sunrise casting brilliant yellow light over everything in my path.

Stunning doesn’t do it justice, but with no camera and nowhere to pull over to take shots anyway, it will be cast into my memory, to be recalled when I need to smile….

I’m so lucky to have that drive to work

PS I despair at predictive text! That’s my excuse for the garbage in the first paragraph 🙂

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