Angry people

Today I witnessed a very angry scene in a car park. Not sure what triggered it, but when I arrived, there were several very, very angry people shouting at each other over what I assumed was a car parking space. I’m talking real, red in the face anger here, the use of obscenities that would make a navvy blush…

I had to watch for a minute or two in complete amazement. Why on earth would anyone get so angry about parking? Unbelievable.

It’s not an isolated incident though. There’s so much anger everywhere nowadays. Road rage, shopper shouting, it’s everywhere. In meetings at work, the anger can be felt – its in the air…

One of my previous counsellors told me once that what I needed was to ‘get angry’ at the people who had affected me. When I argued that i don’t believe anger does any good in any situation, she got a bit angry with me. I needed  to be angry, she said, so that I could see how I’d been treated and stand up and do something about it.   Like what- shout obsceneties and scream at people? Why?

I don’t need to get angry to sort  things out. I can achieve more at work than those angry souls who seem to waste so much effort on their fury that they lose sight of the original issue.   Ok, I may be a softie, but nothing will ever persuade me that angers the best policy……

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