Cars and stuff

Bought a new car today. A red panda. Haven’t got it yet cos it’s brand new and on the way from Italy. Should be exciting, shouldn’t it?

But it’s just a car, just something that gets you from A to B.

The advantage of the new version is that the road tax is virtually nothing as its an ‘Eco’ car. Plus it’s cheaper to run – more mpg apparently.

Had a lovely walk today, over walla and along to Ashness. Very quiet now the schools are back, and a nice moody sky, though quite warm. Archie is excellent at walking past sheep now without looking sideways at them. I don’t need to put him on lead, he walks calmly by my side until we are past the sheep, then carries on with his sniffing and jumping…

Last weekend of the c-art exhibition too. It hasn’t done as well as we hoped. We’ve all sold some cards, Sarah sold a painting and Angela sold some bits of jewellery, but quiet overall. Don’t think I’ll do it next year.
Enjoyed the pencil heads gathering this morning, a lovely demo by Shirley on skin and portraits in cp. very good indeed. Busy day all in all.   Hairdresser in the morning, it’s all go.  Joy of joys 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not falling back into depression, just monotony….  Anyway, it is possible to be lonely yet not depressed.

Wish I could upload photos onto this blog on this iPad, but it doesn’t like it!
Maybe I should use the pc once in a while, but the iPad is handier….

This has been a garbage blog post, hasnt it?  Just bits of nowt!!!

Enough, already…..

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