Desert island

Wimbledon was good today. I wish I’d thought about going earlier this week when I was in London. The men’s tennis has improved a lot over the last couple of years. Before that it consisted mainly of ace serves, but rallies have made a comeback which makes for great watching. The ladies tennis is good too, but I’m afraid I can’t watch when players like sharpova are playing and grunting and moaning….. What is the point of that? Except to annoy me! Lol…

There’s nothing else worth watching on tv at the minute, except old re-runs of QI or mock the week on Dave. At least the bloody football will be finished soon, thank goodness! So I tend to listen to music when I’m drawing or painting. Got me thinking about desert island discs. How could I possibly choose 12 tracks to take to a desert island? I just love so much music, it would be so hard to choose….

I used to love desert island discs, but lately that too has changed. The ‘islanders’seem to have become a bit smug; they reel off fashionable songs, or high-brow stuff intended to impress…. It used to be much more natural and genuine.

Genuine. That’s a trait I so admire in people. Genuine and honest. Even if people are telling me something unpalatable, I will listen and accept as long as they are being genuine and honest. I can’t understand secrecy or subterfuge. I know that some people hide the truth for the best of reasons, but there are ways to be truthful without being hurtful.

Back to my desert island. What would I take with me? I have a choice of 10 items. Not just music, but things I couldnt do without if confined to a desert island….

1. The complete works of Shakespeare. Love reading his words and that would keep me interested for ages….

2. Zadoc the priest by Handel. Gives me goose bumpe EVERY time I play it!

3. Paper and pencils to sketch everything on the island.

4. My meditation cushion and some lovely Buddhist chanting on cd. To allow me to switch off and clear my mind. Live in the now, so to speak..

5. My electronic keyboard. I reckon if I was stuck on a desert island for years, I might just learn to play blues and jazz…

6. My feather pillow. Nowadays I seem to get headaches or at least a stiff neck from foam pillows. Got to have a bit of luxury on this desert island….

7. My favourite film of all time – the color purple. Makes me cry every single time I watch it.

8. Got to fit more music in of course. Some rock, or maybe opera. Or jazz, or maybe pop… Punk possibly. Too hard to decide. Dolly Parton, who I’ve been listening to today. Or Dougie Maclean, Donald fagen, Jamie Callum, dire straights, black sabbath…. The list is endless. But in the end I think I’ll take van Morrison. His brown eyed girl makes me quite joyful…

9. A journal to write everything down in. My new found need to write is overpowering sometimes and I just have to get it down. It’s like all the cooped up thoughts and feelings I had for 50 years need to find an outlet somehow :-). It’s made me open up so much!

10. A photograph.

Wish I could take more, but I did limit myself to 10 things. Reckon I could survive fairly well with that lot. Course I would like to take some people, but I could survive alone. I do now! Lol!

Be nice if it’s not too hot on that desert island though. I do like warm weather, but not too hot….

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