End of June

Half of this year has gone already. I sometimes step back and wonder where the time is going. It passes so very quickly that I don’t notice most days. Then suddenly I realise that another year is over.

The last two years have gone particularly quickly, I guess because I haven’t been entirely aware of everything around me.
But before I start dwelling on that idea, I will move on. I promised there would be no more whining and I intend to keep that promise. Suffice to say I am making a huge effort today 🙂

The good news is I managed to finish a picture for the ukcps exhibition. I will try and upload it in the next few days and give you a preview of my entry. Hope it is accepted.

I’ve been playing on YouTube since I finished the drawing. Found loads of old music from my youth – some fab stuff that I’d forgotten about. Isn’t YouTube great? You can find just about anything on there endless hours of fun!

Deep down I’m an optimist, I’ve always been told that. So I’m pretty certain that things will improve sooner or later.

I really should go to bed now. Had a few glasses of red, which by the way did make me feel better. I’m typing gibberish, aren’t I? Never mind, no-one reads it anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

What is the purpose of a blog? I’ve read some that are really interesting, entertaining or informative. Mine is like therapy. I use the blog as my confidante, my friend, a listener. In the absence of a real confidante, this is a pretty good substitute.

So now I’ve chatted to you, mr blog, I’ll go to bed and try and read a book.

I hope you are all happy.

May the gentle rain of happiness fall soft upon your head xxxxx

Goodnight. Sweet dreams x

2 thoughts on “End of June

  1. Who says no-one reads your blog? I read it, and I feed your multi-coloured fish. So you go and enjoy your book, and I'll take my kindle to bed, and as the late, great Dave Allen used to say, 'Good Night, and may your God go with you.'

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