At the risk of boring you all to death before I even get out on my bike, I’m going to mention yet again that I am trying to raise money for two great causes this summer.

In a moment of madness I entered the Nightrider cycle around London on June 9th. It takes place through the night and goes from alexandra Palace right through the City centre to Crystal Palace and back to Ally PAlly via another route. 100 km in all. So far I haven’t done as much training as I should have done, mainly because it’s still dark every evening when I get in from work. Once the clocks change, I intend going out every evening and weekends. Building up to tackle 100km, which is about 62 miles. So far I’ve only done 20 mile journeys, so I have a way to go! Think I may need some of those padded cycling shorts….
Anyway, I am doing the cycle rid to raise money for the Mayhew Animal Home in London. I’ve had many rescued animals over the years and without these lovely places, lots of dogs, cats, rabbits, etc would suffer a lot more and  may never find loving homes to live out their lives in comfort.

So, not content with cycling myself to death, I have also signed up for the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge, which is a 26 mile walk over three peaks. this time I am raising money for Macmillan cancer care. IT’s to celebrate Vikki being free of breast cancer for 15 years. And also as a tribute to my good friend David Tee (that’s my personal other reason).

Of course, you may choose to sponsor me in neither event and that’s completely your choice. I hate being hassled for money every week for charity races, etc.

But if you do want to pick one of those causes, I will really appreciate it.

And before you start thinking how altruistic I am, my ulterior motive is to lose some weight! I’ve been guzzling too much of late and looked in the mirror a while ago to discover a tubby person staring back at me….
Who is she? 
I’m not keen on her, so she’s getting banished when I get this training going 🙂

There are links to the two Justgiving pages on the banner at the left of this page – so feel free to click and donate.

Thankyou :):)

and thanks to Wendy for telling me how to add the Justgiving widgets to my blog!

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