Quick blog

This is a very quick log post to test my typing skill on my ipad. just getting ussed to using his new gadget… so if my typing is rubbish it is hopefully because of the ipad keyboard and not my spelling! Had an interesting weekend. a lovely meditation day on sturday at the Manchester Buddhist Centre. A lovely building, with a peaceful atmosphere. Fely at home right away; although nnot quite as fab as Taraloka… The bonus was that I found a Triratna Buddhist group who meet in Cumbria – at long last a local group! Plus, more exciting news today. I am going to see the Dalai Lama in June. Can`t wait to hear him speaking. Been doing a few miles onthe bike in prepaation for the humungous cycle in June. Got to start building up the distance… When the clocks change I aim to go out after work. The weather was so lovely yesterday – at the yop of Walla crag it was red hot! Wonderful 🙂 Goodnight all xx

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