Wonderful Kobenhavn

Last week I had a grand week in the City of Copenhagen. And what a lovely city it is.
On the first day there, it snowed, which was fabulous. All the rivers, canals and even the sea were frozen over and the little boats were stranded (or looked like they were).

The next day was sunny, but very cold. We took a free walking tour around the city and our guide, Gareth was very knowledgeable about the history of the place. I hadn’t realised that the’d had quite so many fires in the past – seems everything has been burned down at some time…

A walking tour is a great way to see a place and also learn something about its history. we learned about Hygge (pronounced hooga I think!) Here is a link to a description of that fine tradition.  http://www.visitdenmark.com/usa/en-us/menu/turist/nyheder/nyheder/kunstenathyggesig.htm

I spent my birthday over there and although I don’t celebrate birthdays as such, we did go for a drink in the Ice Bar. An experience! Everything of course is made of ice, even the glasses, although the alcohol does stop your lips from freezing to the ice when you take a sip!!
Here I am in the ice bar….

The architecture in Copenhagen is beautiful – I love the colourful buildings, especially in the Nyhavn area, where there some lovely sailing boats – must be grand in summer when the water ain’t frozen! But I kind of like it in winter…

A day trip to Malmo in Sweden was a must do. How could we resist a two-nation trip, when Sweden was only a 30 minute train ride away? Malmo was a much nicer town than we were led to believe and the walk around the coastline was spectacular – my photos don’t do it justice, but here is one of the bridge over from Denmark, with the frozen sea…

All in all, I would recommend a trip to Copenhagen. A final note, though! We went over to Christiania – a hippy ‘village’ where apparently they don’t pay any taxes. All the homes look self-constructed and there a ‘grfiit type murals everywhere. Quaint – but right in the middle, in a park, were loads of ‘market’ stalls. As we entered, there were signs saying NO PHOTOGRAPHS! Big dogs were parading the perimeter – lo and behold, the stalls were selling dope! Packets of Marijuana, along with HUGE blocks of Cannibis resin of all colours, which they chopped up and weighed as as required!
Although this is illegal in Denmark, it seems that no-one stops them selling dope in Christiania.

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