I find it very odd that there is a drought in the south of England. Because here in Cumbria it has rained endlessly for weeks! I know we live in a wet area of the uk, hence the lakes that we have, but it’s hard to believe that there has been so little rain I the south that they have declared a drought. Today when I went for a walk I had to jump over deep puddles, squelch y way through soggy fields and avoid sliding down wet, muddy slopes. In the 21st century you,d think therewouldbeaway tosh are the water throughout the uk,wouldn’t you? I am rather sad today as I have just learned that a colleague and friend died this afternoon. And shocked as it is only a few weeks since she was looking really healthy at work. Just confirms that we should all live life to the full and not wast a minute. Cos you just don’t know what’s round the corner. I have a quiet weekend ahead for a change. The last few have been really hectic. But I feel like I should be doing something so I reckon tomorrow I may go up cat bells, maiden moor and high spy. that’s if I don’t have a hangover as I’ve had a few glasses of wine this evening! Which is unusual, as I am trying to train for a 100km cycle ride around London in June. Scary!

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