I’ve had a really good week at work this week.
What should by all accounts have been stressful (and indeed was for one of my colleagues) has reminded me why I like my job so much.

We bought a labelling machine recently and it arrived this week. Now machine commissioning is an art all of its own. They NEVER work right first time. Only this week the pressure was on to get it going as quickly as possible as it was really needed.
So I’ve spent the last couple of days tinkering. Setting, resetting, adjusting, modifying until finally today the machine was running like a dream! Play with the allen keys, learn how the thing really works, tinker it into submission! It’s just a machine – it won’t beat me…
The sense of complete satisfaction I get when seeing it running beautifully is amazing. (and seeing the relief on everyone else’s faces!)

Now I am going to tinker in the lab with pigments and other materials – get my hands dirty and enjoy what it is about my job that is so fabulous. Forget the paperwork and the endless emails!

Tinkering is what it’s all about.

6 thoughts on “Tinkering

  1. I'm so jealous! I wish I had your job. That would be a dream come true! The words 'tinker in the lab with pigments' just sound incredible lol.

  2. In all my years doing engineering stuff I found that all machine will give in if you treat them with the correct contempt. A big hammer is also very useful……….

    Well done Ruby.

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