A good week

Considering I’ve been dreading Christmas, this has been a pretty good week.
Firstly the days are now getting longer again, albeit very slowly.
Then I got news that I have been accepted as a volunteer for the olympic games next year in London.
I am excited about that – it’s never going to be as close to me again in my lifetime, so what an opportunity to be involved with the games!

Yesterday, a parcel arrived from New Zealand containing a jacket that I left behind in Waitomo in August. I am very, very grateful to a friend for posting it back. she was visiting Waitomo recently and kindly popped in to rescue my jacket. A lovely surprise yesterday when it arrived.

And finally, I am now on holiday until January 9th. A long break during which I intend to start getting fit for the 100km bike ride in June. I just have to hope we get pauses in the rain that are long enough to get the bike out!

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