New again

I’ve decided to carry on with the theme I started a while ago, which was to try and experience as many new and interesting things as possible.
I did pretty well at finding things back then and actually I’ve kind of carried on with it, unthinkingly.

After all, I did the Shakespeare thing and the improv jazz singing, etc.

So this week I decided to go for and audition for a part in a play at theatre by the lake. It’s a singing and acting part, although just in the chorus but the interesting bit for me is the audition as that’s the thing I’ve never experienced!

I will be expected to do improvisational, sing and demonstrate acting ability…
Now I don’t know if I can really do any of those things, but won’t it be great to just go and do it? And to find out how good I am at having the confidence to sing in front of complete strangers…


There are so many experiences out there that I haven’t had yet, but I am determined to make the most of trying as many as I can.
I still haven’t found anyone who will go on the zip wire in who latter forest with me and if no one comes forward soon I will have to go it alone 🙂
But try it I will.

Any suggestions welcome for new adventures…

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