Birthday blues

This day six years ago I was full of hope. Hope that I was starting out on the normal kind of life that other people seem to enjoy. ¬†We’d had a lovely Valentines day the day before and I woke up to a cold, crisp morning lying beside the love of my life in a … More Birthday blues


This morning I was watching the news and discovered it is the anniversary of the liberation of Belsen. I watched with interest as a lady told her story of being taken to the camp, sharing a room with Anne Frank, seeing all that death and awfulness, then marrying one of the soldiers who liberated the … More Anniversaries

Self respect?

Funny thing self respect. I’m not at all sure I’ve ever possessed any. But it’s only now I’ve realised that, or at least it’s only now that a sequence of events has made me think about it. I tried to rescue the last vestiges of my self respect yesterday, but I don’t think I succeeded. … More Self respect?