Dark days

Winter is coming. The mornings have suddenly become very dark, not helped by the wild winds and heavy rain of the last few days. I guess we have been spoiled a little by the good weather we’ve had up until now. I really don’t like the dark, short days. This weekend the clocks will change … More Dark days

Positive mind

Everything has been going really well for me lately, very positive stuff happening.  I had a lovely weekend in London doing start trek stuff and meeting up with a good friend. Work has been good – I got my company car finally and also a pay rise, I have been complimented on how well I … More Positive mind

Run, run, run away

Today I just wanted to run away. As far as I could possibly go. fighting with data migration, faulty IT systems that I didn’t know how to repair, falling out with colleagues over nothing much, missing the love of my life dreadfully, sitting through endless conference calls ( all four of them), eating far too … More Run, run, run away

Positive things

there’s a thing going around on Facebook at the moment where people nominate you to write down three positive things that have happened to you each day for five days. there’s no purpose to it, but it passes a few minutes and can be quite entertaining to read – some people are pretty imaginative with … More Positive things