Goodbye 2022

Well, 2022 did not end in quite the way I’d thought it would. Overall, it’s been an up and down year, started off OK but then I lost a couple of people who were dear to me. My cousin Marion first, which was a huge shock, then in September an even bigger shock, from nowhere … More Goodbye 2022


I’ve been sad this last week or so, despite just coming back from a lovely break in Staffordshire with a group of lovely friends. We rented a cottage, four of us next door to Sue, so I had a lovely few days with four fab ladies, catching up, eating, drinking, walking. It was just what … More Family

Birthday blues

This day six years ago I was full of hope. Hope that I was starting out on the normal kind of life that other people seem to enjoy.  We’d had a lovely Valentines day the day before and I woke up to a cold, crisp morning lying beside the love of my life in a … More Birthday blues

Positive mind

Everything has been going really well for me lately, very positive stuff happening.  I had a lovely weekend in London doing start trek stuff and meeting up with a good friend. Work has been good – I got my company car finally and also a pay rise, I have been complimented on how well I … More Positive mind

End of year

As 2012 draws to it’s close, I’ve been reflecting a little bit on the last 12 months. In many ways, I have made progress, but in some I fear I’ve gone backwards slightly. Overall, 2012 was a good year for me. I had a few good trips abroad, Copenhagen, Nice and Monte Carlo, Jersey. I … More End of year


The so called festive season has so far passed reasonably well. I managed a 5 hour walk on Christmas Day and a fairly long walk on Boxing Day. I must say I feel better for both of those, and it’s particularly pleasurable as there were so few people about. Today I went for a walk … More Alchemy


Christmas Eve. I have made an effort to celebrate Christmas this year and I’m doing pretty well really. I’ve found a good way to do it, while still managing to more or less please myself in what I do. I’m enjoying it too. Last night I did go carol singing in the valley. Singing lovely … More Christmas

The party season

The party season is here. Words that make my heart sink… It’s always been that way, but I’ve always been made to feel kind of inferior for thinking the way I do! I’m not a party person, never have been. I’d much rather be in a small group of friends than in a noisy, busy … More The party season


I’ve been thinking about the phenomenon of willpower lately. It started because I realised I’d been gaining weight and decided I would cut down my food intake. Or so I thought… Turned out it wasn’t as simple as that. In the past I have managed to lose weight when I need to, but for some … More Willpower