I’ve been sad this last week or so, despite just coming back from a lovely break in Staffordshire with a group of lovely friends. We rented a cottage, four of us next door to Sue, so I had a lovely few days with four fab ladies, catching up, eating, drinking, walking. It was just what … More Family

2020 so far

  I haven’t posted a blog update in a while. I guess there has been little for me to spout about lately and my writing skills aren’t brilliant at the best of times. I seem to have been much more creative in my darker times and several years ago during a period of depression I … More 2020 so far


This morning I was watching the news and discovered it is the anniversary of the liberation of Belsen. I watched with interest as a lady told her story of being taken to the camp, sharing a room with Anne Frank, seeing all that death and awfulness, then marrying one of the soldiers who liberated the … More Anniversaries

One of the lads!

Today, someone at work referred to me as ‘one of the lads’. In some ways, I was quite flattered, as it means I am accepted in their world – the world of engineering and science. However, in another way, it’s disappointing to be always regarded in that way. It kind of steals my femininity…. Although … More One of the lads!