New friends

This week we got two new pals in the house. I’m not going to pretend that it’s been easy as it hasn’t! But we will persevere as they have had such a bad start an deserve better. The two new additions are now called Henry and May, they are both Staffordshire Bull Terriers, small ones, father and daughter. Henry is 10 and May is only 2. They have been in kennels for the last few months and before that were living in a crate in a flat with addicts, so didn’t really have much of a life at all.  They arrived on Monday after a long car journey (social distancing preserved at all times with handlers!) and have been both sweet and difficult ever since.

dogs Henry has obviously had some training as he knows ‘sit’ and ‘down’. May has either forgotten everything or has never learned it. She isn’t house trained, or again has forgotten because of her long kennel stint. It’s going to be a long haul! They are very loving and just want cuddles all the time. However, we had a call with a good dog psychologist who gave us some fabulous tips and they are working already. I’m sure we will get there.

I did have a bit of a wobble this morning – just felt overwhelmed lal of a sudden. I think it was the cleaning up after May that tipped me over the edge. I burst into tears (privately) which I haven’t done for years and decided it was probably a bit of stress. I suppose some ot the things that happened of late just built up and I had to release a bit of tension.   The cancer and the prospect of starting chemotherapy next week, the worry of protecting Marion from catching Covid 19, the fact I just bought a new car and have now had a pay cut – in fact will I have a job at all after all this is over? Plus today was supposed to be the start of that trip of a lifetime. We were due to board the Queen Mary today to set sail for New york. Now I’m just worried about whether I’ll get that money back.

Anyway, now that I had my moment, I seem to be OK again. I settled down to do a bit of drawing and it completely took my mind off everything else. I’m doing a picture of the Lakes in all four seasons. So far I’ve done Spring, Summer and part of Autumn.  Here’s a preview of the progress on autumn so far. bit to go yet!


Back to the drawing board!

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