Lockdown continues

I don’t blog regularly as I don’t have a lot of interesting stuff to say! I did think however, that I might just dabble in a few words as I am at home and online comms seems to be the new way of having coffee with friends -not that I drink coffee, hate the stuff! I am a tea drinker through and through.

It’s gone very chilly today, well all week really after such a lovely April. So instead of being out in the garden and or taking a daily walk down to the lake, I am mostly inside. I do take a quick walk out, but it’s been cold the last few days. Having said that, it has deterred people from being out and about – the last week of nice weather saw the crowds building up again and I found it hard to keep to the social distancing. It’s been easier since the temperature dropped!

I find I have plenty to do at home and I’ve decided that I’m quite unsociable at heart as I don’t seem to be missing the face to face interaction as much as other people seem to. I’m happy to keep in contact with people virtually! I am drawing, reading, sewing, playing the piano, watching a bit of TV, even using the cross trainer. Eating too much of course, but enjoying taking the time to cook. But actually, just soaking up the time rather than rushing out to work and other places. It’s been good, although I am not taking away from other people how hard it must be to be separate from family and loved ones.  That is one of the bonuses of having no family, I guess!

Yesterday I got a call from Carlisle Infirmary. I have to attend the oncology department on the 11th May to discuss options er. chemotherapy etc. I guess the score from the ONcotype test came back with a high result, although nobody has phoned with the result as promised. I am forgiving them that though as we are not in normal times.  I will no doubt get to know the score when I go up there next week. SO it looks like a course of chemo is coming up – not sure how I feel about that. At first I was a bit deflated, but if you think of it positively, it is a preventive measure, a way to try and prevent cancer returning in the future, so I should look on it as such. The uncertainty I think comes from what I’ve seen and read about chemotherapy and how poorly it can make people – hair-loss, vomiting, all that kind of stuff. Still, I don’t know that will happen, so let’s wait and see.

Meanwhile, I have paid for a domain name for this site – barbaramurrayart.com. I will update it with some newer pictures and jazz it all up a bit to try and make it more interesting. Something else to keep me busy during lockdown!!



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