this and that

I haven’t done any blogging for a while and I was going to keep it to just art stuff. However, this week is proving a bit tricky for me after I went for an ultrasound scan last Wednesday. The doctor had suggested I might have gallstones, so I was relieved when the scan showed there weren’t any of those. The problem is that it showed instead a ‘mass’ on my right kidney.  Talking to the doctor afterwards, she said it is about 6 cm in diameter and I need to be seen quite urgently by a eurologist.  Talk about a surprise!

I’ve spent the last 5 days in somewhat of an anxious state waiting for an appointment to come through. What causes most of the anxiety is the not knowing what I’m dealing with. The mind works overtime working through all possible scenarios, everything from it’s a benign tumour that they can just whip out with keyhole surgery, through radiotherapy, chemo and of course ‘will I be dead this time next year?’

Yes, all those thoughts are raging, well at least they were for the first 3 or 4 days. Now I.m a bit calmer and thinking that what will be wil be. Maybe that’s why they make you wait – to get all that out of your system so are ready for the next phase.

Anyway, it’s been interesting.

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