New York, New york

I do seem to have had a lot of trips this year. And it’s funny, because the buzz of going somewhere new isn’t quite the same the more you do it. Last week I was in New York and it’s a place full of such iconic landmarks that the buzz was still there – though not for the travelling to get there.  Security of course was really tight at the airports (understandably so after recent events) and I would rather this was the case, but it did add lots of time onto the trip and often things were quite stressful.I long for the days when I can be transported to another place, Star Trek style, re-materialising wherever the fancy takes me.

Anyway, New York was great and the weather was kind to us, lovely bright sunny days for the most part. Only one day was poor, with some heavy showers, but overall fab.  Some of the highlights included a helicopter flight over the city (well up the Hudson really) but I could see all the landmarks – very exhilarating! Then there was a Billy Joel concert at Madison Square Gardens – massive venue, but his voice was still on top form for all the old numbers. Had a lovely boat trip too, going quite close to the statue of Liberty, which I found strangely inspiring – much more so than I’d imagined it would be.

A visit to the new world Trade centre tower was particularly moving, especially the 9/11 museum which is sited underneath the two memorial pools that are now on the exact site of the previous twin towers. I’ve never before been in a museum with so many people where it has been so quiet and hushed. It wasn’t a place where you felt like speaking either, but it was incredibly sobering to be on the site of that dreadful event. I know it seems somewhat strange, but I was terribly moved by the ‘survivor tree’ outside the new tower. this tree had survived all the devastation of 9/11 – it had been growing outside in the same spot before the attack; had been taken away and nurtured back to life and returned to the spot where it grows still. I know it’s only a tree, but it is somehow a symbol of survival, hope and life…

On a more pleasant note, we also went to see a Broadway show, Something Rotten, which is a new show, but very funny and silly. Enjoyed it!

Here a a few shots of my time in New York – a lovely city. I think I’ll stay at home for a while though. not keen on the hassle of getting to places.


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