Just got back today from a short break to Oslo and Riga. Oslo was a very clean place, if a bit clinical. Also very expensive – paid almost £8 for a pint of beer and although it was a nice pint I did fell it was a bit pricey. Highlight for me was a lovely cruise on a fjord. It was cold out on the water, but sunny so still really pleasant. The boat was a sailing boat with a quiet engine which made for a gentle trip. IT dropped us off on a headland – the home of several museums. The one we wanted to see was the Viking boat museum, which had on display three ancient Viking ships, dating from around 800 AD. These boats had been to see for many years, then were used as burial boats – they’d been excavated and are in amazingly good condition for their age. Visited a sculpture park next – full of sculptures by Gustav vigeland. Interesting.

I will add the Riga part of the trip tomorrow. Meanwhile here are some photos of Oslo…

P1020012           P1020121

P1020138           P1020186

P1020190         P1020195

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