Muggy weather

It is muggy. There’s no other word for it. Despite loads of thunderstorms over the last couple of days it is still somehow managing to be muggy. Not my favourite weather actually, especially the rainy bit.

I have been clearing out loads of my junk this week – even managed to sell quite a bit of it on Ebay. Made about £90 so far, though the last item has now not sold after the bidder changed her mind just after paying. It was the first thing she had ever bid for and I guess she got carried away. Ah well, there were other bidders, so I will offer it back to them. funny the stuff you find when you clear out though…

Lots of old ‘craft’ items, like rubber stamps – god why did I have those?  Old DVDs and cds – even some fitness ones – think I must have been deluded with those!  I did find some interesting dvds, which were copies of very old films of pencil making back in what looks like the 1930s, then again in the 1970s. The sad thing is that I knew most of the people on the 1970s version – they worked there still when I started, but all but one of them is dead now. Made me feel a bit old..

I also found some incense sticks, so I am sitting her in a perfumed fog typing this. I filled a bag for the British Heart foundation which I will drop off next week after work, plus some bags of books to take to the other charity shops in town.

Why do we collect so much stuff in life? It’s all rather pointless isn’t it? I think I will carry on clearing out – will save some stranger having to do it after I pop my clogs.

One thought on “Muggy weather

  1. Must be the time of year or something. I’ve just filled a whole dustbin liner with old paperwork that’s been collecting dust for years in my back room – a room that was once a dining room until it became hopelessly clogged with stuff that I’ll never need – although once upon a time I thought I might do. Now do I need that 25 year old all UK railway timetable book ? Well maybe I might need one as a sort of historical reference, but I definitely don’t need the 3ft stack of old circuit diagrams for obsolete TVs and other audio-visual stuff. At the current rate of progress I reckon I’ll have to keep living for quite a long time if I am ever to get that room clear before I pop my clogs !

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