the closing date for the coloured pencil society exhibition is this week and it has finally spurred me on to actually get a drawing done.  Actually I have managed to enter three. One of them was entered last year, but didn’t get accepted. However, the judges are different every year so you never know, they might like it this time.

I’m not excited by these entries, but at least I have entered something. The exhibition itself isn’t until May, when I will be going down to London to help hang the pictures and steward the exhibition. Will be there for a week I think, so hopefully will have time to catch up with friends while I am there.

Anyway, here are the pictures:

Barbara Murray The wisdom of reflectionBarbara Murray slow hand

Barbara Murray Winter glider

2 thoughts on “Drawing

  1. I’m not a great fan of kettles (as you probably know 🙂 ), but I think you have done a marvelous job portaying a very realistic reflection of a shiny silver surface.

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