Iceland awaits

On Monday morning I am going to Iceland for a few days, hoping to catch a glimpse of the northern lights plus see the hot springs, etc..

I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland so I ought to be really excited. Looking forward to it.

Having a quiet day today, cleaning the house and tidying up, etc. Been to the hairdresser this morning for a cut, taken Archie for a walk, bought a lovely pork sandwich from the market for lunch, now having an hour on the PC listening to the soundtrack from Breaking Bad. Some good songs.

The friend I go travelling with – the one who is coming to Iceland has been texting all morning. I went out without my phone, so just saw them when I got back. You can tell by the fact she sent numerous texts how impatient she was getting at my lack of response! Not sure what the urgency was about. Another friend invited us to her house for New Year, but why I had to decide this minute, I don’t know. I’m seeing her on Monday, so we could have talked it over and decided then. But as soon as I replied, saying I wasn’t sure about going, back came the response: Well no problem if you don’t want to come, I can stay at her house…

This, despite the fact we were meant to be planning a week away after Christmas. Had talked about Spain, Franvce, etc. Now it appears that all those plans mean absolutely nothing  and looks like I can just sort myself out after all.

Is it me? Do I expect too much? I thought we would discuss where we wanted to go next week while in Iceland, so what was the hurry? Or am I too think to take the hint that she didn’t want to go anywhere with me?


Never mind, I’m pretty independent and I will find something to do on my own, as usual.

Now back to that cleaning.



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