Dark days

Winter is coming. The mornings have suddenly become very dark, not helped by the wild winds and heavy rain of the last few days. I guess we have been spoiled a little by the good weather we’ve had up until now.

I really don’t like the dark, short days. This weekend the clocks will change and the evenings will be gone – it’ll be dark from now until March. Time to hibernate I think. Well, after next week that is, because next week I am off to Iceland for a few days. However, even that prospect is not cheering me up much, even though I’ve wanted to go there for years!

I am trying hard to be optimistic and cheerful, but not having a lot of success. Not that anyone knows really, apart from you, dear blog, as I am keeping it all well hidden. To the outside world I am my usual cheery, helpful self. Just that inside….. well, it’s different.

I’ve been busy counselling a colleague today who is having difficulties with his staff. I’ve dished out advice, listened to his woes, tried to be helpful and it does make me feel OK to know that I helped even just a bit. I also helped a friend last night who was having a bad day, very sad and missing her mum who died 8 years ago. good to assist, but I wouldn’t dream of ever telling her I am feeling low. I tried it once and all she said was ‘think positive. Just look forward to the good times we will have over the next year.’  If only…

Ah well, good job you are here, bloggy, as you are the only one I can moan to. Off to be ‘normal’ again now. Best smile on…


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