Posh frocks and dinner jackets

A while ago I put together an application for the Cumbrian business awards for things we have achieved in Environmental and energy awareness. then forgot all about it.

This week it turns out that we have been shortlisted for the award., which means I have now received an invite to an awards dinner at Carlisle Racecourse – a ‘black tie’ event it says. Of course, that means that all the ladies will be wearing posh frocks, a thing that I don’t currently (or ever have for that matter) possess.I don’t do dresses.

but in this year of wanting to try new things all the time, maybe it’s time to try wearing a dress. the event isn’t until 16th October, so I have time to find said dress and maybe even lose a bit of weight to fit into it! Anyway, I suppose I will give it a go. we have a three in one chance of winning, so you never know!

Yesterday I worked from home as I had some work to do that required a lot of thinking. Something I cannot do at work as my door is constantly opening or the phone is always ringing. Almost completed the work, but may take another day working from home next week. It’s extremely busy at the moment at work. and yes, I am doing better at home this week too. Managing to keep occupied, not think too much and the depression is kept at bay.

Now I just need to tackle the horrendous over-eating that I do.  I had a discussion with someone earlier about this. I stopped smoking many years ago (27 to be exact) and that was easier than cutting down on food. At least I could stop smoking and never have to see another cigarette, ever.  With food, I still need to eat, so I am constantly faced with temptation…

ah well, I guess some willpower is called for. If only I could summon some. It’s all to do with self-esteem isn’t it? I loathe myself so mcuh that my brain tells me it’s not worth trying to diet and look better…

Summat like that anyway.


One thought on “Posh frocks and dinner jackets

  1. You’re right – food is far more addictive than cigarettes. I’ve fought every single temptation for a cigarette in the last 368 days (and counting !), but I’ve been far less successful at resisting the temptation of food.

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