Seafood and eat the lot

I had a nice break in Jersey this week, staying with G & A. The first couple of days were really warm and sunny, then it rained, but it was still great. Of course, when we stay with those two we always end up eating and drinking far too much. I think my wine quota was off the scale. When you consider I normally drink only every few weeks, I had enough to last about three years in one weekend!

the food was absolutely delicious though; fresh seafood from the local harbour, along with some wonderfully cooked meals by G and also in local restaurants. It did me a lot of good as I completely relaxed and enjoyed their company and lapped up the food. I even go a ride on the waltzer at the local funfair.

Got back at about 8pm last night and up early for work this morning, but it was worth it. Depression lifted for a few days for much of the time.

Anyway, here’s a picture of some of that wonderful seafood:




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