car washing fun

I had a holiday from work today. Also off tomorrow as I just felt the need to take a break. I am going to Jersey on Saturday, so took the opportunity to do a bit of prep. However, this morning I did have to do some work at home, including a conference call with some colleagues in different parts of Europe. That sorted, I took Archie for a walk, then decided to clean the car. 

it’s a strangely satisfying job washing the car. We have a new machine in the local garage that takes coins. In the past it’s always been tokens, but this one is great. You just put in what you need and you can change the program as it’s working. I started with a foam brush, which was quite good at removing the deaad flies on the front grill and number plate, plus the grime along the bottom of the doors. Followed this up with the high pressure rinse, which is great for the wheels and wheel arches, then finished off with a wax rinse.

Car looks great!

Drove it back home and got out the ‘flash dash’ to give the interior plastic a good cleaning. Smells good and looks nice. Finally, vacuumed the interior carpets and seats. 

Not only did the car look fab, but I actually felt better for doing it. 

Later in the day, I watched some episodes of a drama series called Damages. It’s a few years old, but I missed it first time around. Hadn’t realised how good it was – pretty gripping!

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