Run, run, run away

Today I just wanted to run away. As far as I could possibly go.

fighting with data migration, faulty IT systems that I didn’t know how to repair, falling out with colleagues over nothing much, missing the love of my life dreadfully, sitting through endless conference calls ( all four of them), eating far too much….

i just wonder what is the point of it all?

Ive been listening to talking books in the car while travelling to and from work. This week it is a book called Life after life by Kate Atkinson, an unusual tale about resurrection of sorts. Quite nicely written and a good distraction from thinking in the car.

so tired tonight, weary of the tedious stuff I had to deal with today at work, exhausted with my own depressing thoughts.

I do try hard to be more positive, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

i actually admitted to my ‘best friend’ that I was feeling very down.  And her answer?  ‘Positive thinking!’ She said. Just think positively.

if only it was so simple.


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