Positive things

there’s a thing going around on Facebook at the moment where people nominate you to write down three positive things that have happened to you each day for five days. there’s no purpose to it, but it passes a few minutes and can be quite entertaining to read – some people are pretty imaginative with their positives!

I got nominated the other day and although I don’t usually bother with these fads on Facebook, I was in the right frame of mind after my trip away to just give it a go.

It’s actually harder than it sounds to think of three completely uplifting, positive things that have happened every day. Or at least it is for me. I started to wonder if that makes me a miserable sod.

Yesterday was easier than today, as so far today I haven’t come up with much.

Yesterday, I chose the fact that one of the people who works for me has been awarded a distinction in his chemistry course and the fact that a small child had painted me a lovely picture. The third positive was triggered by the death of Robin Williams, which for some reason was all over Facebook. Everyone seemed so sad about his death, as if they’d known him personally.  I did find it very tragic, as he was such a talented comedian and actor, but what it did for me was make me realise that depression can affect anyone, even those who appear to have successful lives. As the old saying goes ‘there but for the grace of God…’  Yes, I have been almost in that place where he must have been this week. So low that death seemed the only conceivable way out. To get to that place is to know hopelessness and utter despair.

So what happened yesterday was that I realised I was no longer in that place and that I was so much better off than many other people out there who are in that pit of despair right now. Yes, I’m depressed, but I can get on with my life; I can function day-to-day and I don’t wake every morning hoping that is will be my last one.  That is positive. And I need to remember that feeling. I also need to make sure that I am there to try to help others in that situation if I ever can. Because only if you’ve experienced it can you truly empathise with another person who wants to die.

And on that note, I am trying to think of some more positive things for today, day three. And although it’s not easy, I will find some. Because there has to be something positive otherwise what’s the point?



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