Poppies and Shakespeare

I’m home again after a long weekend in London. Really enjoyable it was too, although I do think I might be showing signs of getting older as my feet and legs were aching after walking about all day. Aching more than they did last time I wandered around a city all day!

I drove down on Friday, stopping off in oxford on the way. Never been to oxford before,  so we parked up in a park and ride place and took the bus into the city for a few hours. Lovely place it is too. I took some nice photos, which I will put on here when I download them.

Carried on to Harrow-on-the-hill where we were staying with  another friend. She had made a lovely dinner of  roasted, stuffed aubergines , feta salad and haloumi, etc. with red wine, very nice. We had a good chat then retired to bed.

Saturday, went to borough market, another new place for me. Fascinating array of food, which I love! Lots of tasters and a lovely lunch of  scotch egg, rocket and sweet potato chips.  In the afternoon we visited the Tower of London where people are busy planting ceramic poppies to commemorate the dead of World War One. It was quite moving and I would love to go back in November when they have planted the whole site.  A quick trip to Greenwich, where I bought a photo in the market, then to the rose theatre on the southbank to see Henry IV part 1, which was excellent. Interestingly, the play was performed above the excavation site, where they are currently uncovering the original rose theatre, the first theatre to perform Shakespeare’s plays.

Sunday, we slept later, then went to the Tate gallery, the traditional one as I’m not keen on Tate modern. I love the William Blake collection in there, plus some of the turner paintings. I like the way he painted light. There was a Henry Moore exhibition too, ok….

walked from the Tate into covent garden, past the Houses of Parliament and Westminster abbey. There was a cycle ride taking place, Surrey to London, which we talked about entering next year..

mooches about covent garden for a bit, then walked to St. Paul’s cathedral to meet some other people. Had dinner in cafe rouge, then went back to their hotel for a couple of glasses of wine. Unfortunately, we forgot the tube closes early an a Sunday, so ended up buying a room in the hotel! At the desk, the best price they gave us was £166, so we booked a superior twin online for £110 and spent a night in the comfort of a room with two double beds. Mine was so comfortable, I wanted to bring it home!

The drive home yesterday was long and tiring. Think it’ll be the train next time. Although next trip to London is in September.

sorry for the long boring account of my trip….

off to sleep now x


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