Being a housewife….

Today I took a day’s holiday from work. Not sure why as I’m not going away until tomorrow; I think I just felt like a lazy day. I did have an appointment at the doctor’s this morning, so I suppose it fitted in well.

After seeing the doctor ant 9am, I wandered into town, which I haven’t done for a while.It’s usually far too busy at the weekend, but today was really pleasant. There was a market and not many tourists about, reminding me why this is such a nice place to live. I mooched about for quite a while, bought some things from the market, mostly food of course! I met a couple of people to pass the time of day with; then stopped to talk to a neighbour for a while outside my house.  All very pleaseant indeed.

Once inside, I made a lovely cup of tea, ate some of the market goodies and read a magazine for a while. Then I dusted and tidied the living/dining rooms, hoovered them and the stairs and cleaned the bathroom. The strangest thing is that I feel happier than I’ve done for ages.  Maybe I am cut out to be a housewife; I have to say the thought is very appealing…

UP in the morning, shopping, cleaning, maybe washing. then lunch out with a friend perhaps or afternoon tea even. Then home to prepare supper for my beloved who is coming home from work. A visit to relatives, parents possibly or phone calls to the children who are no longer living at home… then an evening spent relaxing with my partner in front of the TV or going for a stroll hand in hand.  You know what? It sounds like bliss to me.

So much for my feminist ideals! Who would have thought that what I wanted most in the world was to be a houswife? Of course, it would all depend on having the wonderful partner, the soulmate, lover, friend to enjoy life with. Being a housewife as I am now, on my own – no way Jose.

Anyway, it’s all a pipe dream. I will be back at work onTuesday after my weekend break, doing the same as I do every other day. Life goes on, as they say.

On a positive note, the doc is pleased with my blood pressure readings..

Now, I’m going to spend the rest of the afternoon listening to some good music, reading a book and then packing for my weekend away. I will report back next week.

Have a good weekend 🙂











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