I am off to London this weekend, setting off on Friday and driving back up Monday. I’m picking up my friend Vicki at Heysham, then stopping off in Oxford for a look around and to break up the drive. Never been to Oxford, so it should be good, although I do hope the rain subsides a bit by Friday. this morning here it has been horrendous – that typical bouncing, solid rain that we always get in the Lakes.

Anyway, I am having such a bad week I decided to take tomorrow as a holiday too, so that I can wind myself down and get prepared for a good trip – get myself into that positive mindset…

We’ll be staying with another friend who lives in Harrow-on the -Hill for the three nights – coming into London by tube to mooch about and do touristy things. We were supposed to be doing the Prudential cycle, which we did last year, but were too lazy this time 😦  No doubt we will find some other interesting stuff to do.

But before that, I need to finish off a load of stuff this afternoon. Got a conference call at 1.30 to sort the data migration, which is not going to be easy. They have given us hardly any information and are expecting us to migrate our existing data into meaningless fields…  Ah, well, maybe the call will clarify it a bit.

then I have to sort out what reports we need out of our old system; send off some stuff for CPSIA testing and carry out a machinery risk assesment. All before 5pm.

The afternoon won’t drag, anyway.

Tomorrow I might find time for a more interesting post. Although with my thrilling life, I don’t have a lot to say.





2 thoughts on “Holidays

  1. But then . . Who in their middle age actually feels it? We go from youth and ignorance, at least in my case ( The ignorance part is especially true for me! ) then we become aged and “wise” in what others should or should not do. Laugh Laugh Laugh.
    Even when bits and pieces of me began to fade and fail I still “felt” something other than middle aged!
    We are all Unique in our own ways of each being the same or similiar to the other. From early years til death. Each the same. . only different.
    Laugh, I say. Laugh aloud. Laugh as if you’re mad even. Laugh in all circumstances if possible.
    I’ve begun my own blog recently, A gruggy little thing so far but, you might find it worth a chuckle.
    Stop by if you’ve the time. You’re Personally Invited by myself, the author. Grubby Middle Aged Arizonian that I am.
    Yes, do stop by.

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