Pleasantness and rain

Yesterday evening turned out to be very pleasant. A nice Shiraz and some Chinese food, some interesting chat and weather good enough to sit outside in a beautifully peaceful garden all made for a nice tine. My friend has moved to a large house with a garden so peaceful, I would give a lot to have myself.. 

My own home town at present is unbearable. It’s a tourist town and at its absolute worst in July and August when the schools are one holiday. To add to that, there has been the annual Christian convention for the last three weeks, an event that takes over the whole town and produces visitors that for supposed Christians, do not show much compassion or charity to others. It amazes me year after year how rude these Christian people can be.

as I drove home this morning, the rain started and it’s been heavy all day since. I got wrapped up in my waterproofs (so I thought) and set off for my usual walk with little Archie. Walking in the rain can be a lovely experience and once out of the town limits, very peaceful. However, I soon discovered that my waterproof jacket isn’t any longer and ended up being drenched. The coat went into the bin when I got back, as I recalled I’d had to buy another because of this very problem.

this evening I started a drawing, which I may share on here tomorrow as a work in progress. Watched a few episodes of 24, an old series, but enjoyable and now I am retiring to bed as it’s 9pm. 

Managing to be quite positive, concentrating on the moment and all that. I slept very well last night – the wine caused that along with the fact it was 2am before I got into bed. So I guess I will sleep well tonight too, catching up.

already feeling sleepy….


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