I have mixed feelings about Fridays. Most people I know love them as they signal the start of the weekend. Everyone loves that, don’t they?

Well, I do like the fact that my working week is at an end, but weekends for me are usually not very good, so I don’t have that fevered excitement that others seem to experience. OK, I won’t have to get out of bed at 6am tomorrow, but I’ll have a long day with just my own thoughts for company.

In order to counterract that, I have planned the next few weekends so that I have something to do.

Tonight I am off to stay at a friend’s house. She has invited me along with four or five other people that we’ve known for a long time. A ‘girly’ night they tell me. There will be wine, chat and Chinese food and it will be thoroughly enjoyable, I’m sure.

 Tomorrow I will come home in the middle of the day, take the dog for a walk and then it will be almost time for bed! So only Sunday to cope with then.

Next weekend there is a whole weekend trip planned – more about that later.

Meanwhile, I will enjoy my girly time this evening and maybe on Sunday I will get out my paints and do something startling for an upcoming exhibition.. Who knows?


One thought on “Fridays

  1. You must enjoy your job too much if Friday night doesn’t feel like the end of a gaol sentence ! Even if I do no more than wash a pair of socks, and don’t see or speak to anyone for the whole weekend, it is still a glorious couple of days for me.

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