Presentation presenters

Quick post today as I’m tired!  Been on a ‘seminar’ day for women. Though why women should have to have separate seminars I don’t know. This one was about how to be assertive, how to grow your confidence and finally how to give presentations.

the three women presenting the stuff varied in ability. The first one was quite good and held my interest. She talked about assertiveness and I enjoyed hearing about the differences in behaviour between aggressive, passive, assertive and passive-aggressive people. Recognising many of the traits in people I know and indeed in myself gave me a bit of food for thought!

the second subject was confidence and the presenter was ok… Only ok. Her talk was a bit disjointed and didn’t hang together terrible well. She made a few good points, but they were a bit random and she kept waffling off subject.

the final one on presenting was presented by someone who should have read her own notes. While telling us how to stand up and present, she ignored every bit of her own advice and sent me to sleep. Besides, I’ve done so many presentations to all kinds of people that I really didn’t need to be told three basics yet again.

ah well, it made a change from working. 


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